Remote Cash is launching a new version of its Official App for Android devices to enhance the tools you use the most while creating a more customized and personal experience right from your mobile device.

The new app was built with customer comments and feedback received in mind. It offers greater ease to utilize the features and find history and statement of transactions.

New Features

Beside of of speed improvement and bug fixes, we already made some major changes:

  • Easily flip between multiple currencies and accounts.

  • Buy and sell currencies and cryptocurrencies directly from the app.

  • Earn rewards for completing tasks and making transactions.

  • View your total portfolio balance in your preferred currency.

  • Buy products directly from the app.

  • Authenticate on partner websites or scan to pay online.

  • Easily scan QR codes to make payments. Merchant Features

  • Create invoices from a merchant app to scan and process payments.

  • Easily integrate online payments via the Merchant API.

  • Filter and export transactions to track sales.